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CRS Values

The Science of Reuse

Creative Recycling (CRS) provides state-of-the-art lifecycle management solutions for surplus, obsolete and end-of-life electronic products. We yield the highest value for our customers while producing the smallest environmental footprint available in the world. Recognized as a worldwide leader in the IT Asset Management and Recycling industry, CRS’ 19 years of success has been built on environmental stewardship, developing and utilizing state-of-the-art processing technology and commitment to customer service.
Our resolve is unwavering and our mission is to bring real solutions that provide awareness and sustainability through true closed loop processes.

Our Unique Service and Methodology

CRS does more than simply collect and properly recycle obsolete electronics. We create a symbiotic arrangement between end-of-life electronics and recycled/refurbished electronics for business customers around the world. This creative element to the business is evident in our process, and it maximizes the value of our client’s IT assets.

Creative Recycling utilizes an innovative process that allows retrieval of usable materials from what would otherwise be scrap or destined for improper disposal. In this process more than 99% of all materials collected by CRS are recovered and reused or recycled,  thus totally removed from the waste stream. The remaining 1% is processed in full compliance with all state and federal regulations.

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