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CRS Announces Successful Electronics Recycling Collections

May 21,2013

Creative Recycling Systems (CRS), a leader in IT Asset Management and Electronics Recycling, announced today that its recent collection events with WMNF Community Radio in Tampa and the government of Loudoun County, VA were a rousing success, taking in over 59,000 pounds of surplus and end-of-life electronics for proper and safe recycling. 

Residents and businesses in the Tampa area were able to drop off their electronics at the WMNF station leading up to Earth Day.  Loudoun County residents were able to recycle their electronics in Ashburn on May 4th.
Sheila Crowley, Operations Manager at WMNF, was thrilled with the final numbers. “That is astounding…even carrying a big old bunch of that out the door myself, I'm completely surprised.”  Tiffini Schwarzkopf, Director of Marketing at CRS, was pleased with the results of both collections.  “We know that the Tampa and Ashburn communities are always looking for ways to participate in sustainability initiatives.  These collaborations with WMNF and Loudoun County were a great way for us to provide our electronic recycling services to these local communities.  In addition to the good done for the environment, we think it was an opportunity for these organizations to position themselves as sustainability leaders that do what it takes to help our environment.”  She added, “Over 29 tons of electronics will now be properly recycled and none of the harmful components will enter our atmosphere.  When we can be part of keeping that amount of potentially hazardous waste out our landfills it’s a win-win not only for the communities of Tampa and Ashburn but for everyone."
The impact the electronics could have on humans and our environment is staggering. According to the United Nations Environment Program, each computer screen contains about 20% lead by weight.  If not recycled properly, these computers can leach--if broken or even stockpiled--and expose lead, which is highly toxic to people of all ages. This is a very real problem solved by end-of-life electronic recycling. 

All of the collected materials are processed at CRS’ state-of-the-art recycling facilities where they go through a hierarchy of Reuse, Recover, and Recycle.  The first step is to determine if a product can be refurbished and put back into the market.  If it cannot, but still has functioning parts, the best parts are used to make a whole machine to be put back on the market.  If products are non-functioning and at their true end-of-life, they are broken down to a commodity level and fully recycled. CRS’ facilities are capable of handling over 300 million pounds of electronics per year.
Note: All items that could contain sensitive data (hard drives, etc) are properly sanitized.
For more information, contact:
Sheila Crowley
Operations Manager
WMNF 88.5 FM
For more information, contact:
Tony Hayes
Recycling Specialist
CRS Holdings of America
Creative Recycling Systems LLC
Tiffini Schwarzkopf
Director, Marketing
(813) 386-6070 ext. 211
About WMNF Radio:
WMNF advocates for peace, social and environmental justice through independent media and programming neglected by the mainstream. We embrace diversity, tolerance of others’ opinions and freedom of expression. WMNF celebrates and promotes the creative, cultural and political vitality of the local community.
About Loudoun County:
The Loudoun County Department of General Services, Waste Management Division, is responsible for operating the county's Solid Waste Management Facility (the Landfill); managing public recycling drop-off centers and hazardous waste collection services; supporting recycling opportunities for electronic, automotive waste, and other materials; ensuring compliance with local solid waste management ordinances; and responding to illegal dumping and unsafe transportation of waste materials. For more information visit

About Creative Recycling Systems:
Creative Recycling Systems (CRS) is an IT Asset Management and Recycling company that provides state-of-the-art lifecycle management solutions for surplus, obsolete and end-of-life electronic products. It yields the highest value for its customers while producing the smallest environmental footprint available in the world. Recognized as a worldwide leader in the electronics recycling industry, CRS’ 19 years of success has been built on environmental stewardship, developing and utilizing state-of-the-art processing technology, managing assets, data security and commitment to customer service. CRS has Nationwide capabilities, has also been featured as a National Geographic Creative company, and holds certification credentials for: e-Stewards®, ISO14001, R2/RIOSand CHWMEG.