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Pop Boy Band Sensation WOW Signs Sponsorship Deal to Save the Planet

January 08,2012

NEW YORK, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/

One of the music industry's fastest rising pop sensations, the boy band WOW, have signed a multi level sponsorship agreement with Creative Recycling Systems (CRS), a Tampa, Florida based company that specializes in the recycling of electronics. Together WOW and Creative Recycling Systems have teamed up to make the planet a better place by rallying the Youth of the World by encouraging friends, family, and fans to be responsible in the effort of recycling electronics. The deal, which encompasses tour support, print and online media, will begin with WOW's first two Canadian sold-out performances in Toronto, Ontario January 15th and Montreal, Quebec January 16th.

"It is now known that we can reduce mining for metals like gold, one of the single most polluting activities on the planet and save our forests, rivers and the animals that live there," says Lisa Pizarro-Yob, COO of Creative Recycling Systems. "WOW is a positive role model and is the perfect liaison to the Tween/Teen Market which own electronic devices that can be recycled. The future of the planet is in the hands of our kids and WOW is the future of what a pop group should represent," says Lisa.

WOW consists of five teen boys ages 15-20 years old (Frankie Zulferino, Eddie Moody, Jake Lauckern, Michael Rechner and Kyron Correia). Everything about this new, energetic boy band is exactly like the name WOW. The group has been performing all across the world from Toronto to Japan, New York to Los Angeles and everywhere else in between. The boys, known for their bright colors, hypnotic energy, and explosive performances truly set them apart from other bands.

Determined to give back, the group is raising awareness for children's causes such as Autism, World Hunger and Childhood Illnesses. They have just returned from a performance on the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier for children who have lost parents in the line of military duty.

With the help of Creative Recycling Systems, WOW now has the ability to make a difference, especially when it comes to saving the environment. This partnership gives WOW the opportunity to connect with the Tween/Teen market on a peer-to-peer level of the importance of recycling electronics such as cell phones, laptops, computers, iPods and even Wii Systems.

"This group is the most talented, positive and energetic group I have ever worked with and scream corporate sponsorship. We are getting so many calls now due to the rise in the group's popularity that we felt the time was right to start aligning ourselves with great companies like CRS. WOW is geared to do what New Kids on the Block did in the 80s and the Backstreet Boys did in the 90s," says Rockworx Entertainment CEO, Paris D'Jon, the group's manager who was responsible for discovering and managing Nick and Drew Lachey and their group 98 Degrees, as well as launching the career of Jessica Simpson and others.

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