Blubox - Flat Panel Shredding


Our newest technology, Blubox, is an amazing breakthrough in recycling. It safely and simultaneously separates mercury from items such as Flat Panels, cell phones, fluorescent light bulbs and more. 
No other technology exists today that can do what the Blubox can and CRS has the EXCLUSIVE North American rights to this technology and so we are the only company able to offer it in the US. 
Technology benefits automate:
  • The sorting and full separation of shredded  materials
  • Recovers rare earth material
  • Captures and manages hazardous material - mercury 
Blubox Processes 2200 pounds of Flat Panels, and 1100 pounds of mixed lamp waste per hour
It’s all a multi-million dollar investment on our part to offer the most efficient, safest, environmentally friendly recycling possible and supports why we have been a leader in this field since our beginnings in 1994.

CRS's blubox Processes 2200 pounds of LCDs, and 1100 pounds of mixed lamp waste per hour