Nationwide Service Capabilities

Acceptable Material


 Electronic Equipment

CRS has the capacity to handle the deluge of all types of TV’s, cell phones and other electronic that are quickly made obsolete by the introduction of advances in technology. Preventing the disposal of IT equipment through responsible recycling is our number one goal, and this guarantees you that you are not only complying with laws but also doing the right thing for the earth.


What Can Be Recycled?

All electronic equipment is acceptable with the exception of manifested hazardous waste, radioactive waste, biohazardous waste and mercury containing devices.
Some examples of accepted electronic equipment are, but not limited to:
Computers – CPU’s and laptops, mainframes, peripherals
Tape Players    Electronic Circuit boards and components
Computer Monitors – CRTs/Flat Panel CD Players UPS (personal & network)
Televisions – CRTs Telephones Microwaves
Televisions – Flat Screen Cell Phones Small Household Appliances
Desktop Computers
Fax Machines
Laptop Computers Stereo Equipment, Games, PDA’s Terminals
Keyboards/Mice Power & Network Cables Rechargeable Batteries
Toner/Ink Cartridges Network Hubs Peripherals
Printers/Copiers Switching boxes Military Equipment
Scanners / Fax Machines Controllers Medical Equipment
Copy Machines Modems Telecommunications
VCRs Docking Stations Commercial Equipment
Stereos CD ROMs Office Equipment
Radios Hard Drives Banking/Financial  Equipment
Mainframes Household/Rechargeable Batteries Test Equipment
Contact Us at for information regarding additional items that are accepted for recycling and a complete list.
CRS has a NO LANDFILL policy for all electronics.
With Creative Recycling Systems, all end-of-life electronics are recycled into valuable commodities and circulated back into worldwide production,