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Having a trusted IT asset disposition (ITAD) partner is necessary when handing off electronics. The ITAD process is far more intricate than simply collecting materials – it requires expert focus and precision during the entire process, from pick-up all the way down to final disposition. It’s important to choose a partner for your organization that has experience with these comprehensive services and best practices in place to protect your interests.

CRS provides complete peace of mind through our white-glove service offerings—relieving its customers of these ITAD burdens. We are a leading IT asset management and electronics recycling organization with over 20 years of experience in working with a diverse client base—including SMB, government, military, and education. This gives us the knowledge and tools to provide safe and cost-efficient ITAD services that best fit the needs of each individual organization.

CRS’ individual ITAD services:

On-site packing, palletizing and logistics – CRS trains its technicians and drivers to be safe and compliant with applicable laws when handling material in the packing, palletizing and logistics portion of the process. This daily training ensures your assets are protected and completely secure when handing them off. Assets are counted by type and cross checked on the bill of lading before leaving your environment and before transportation to a CRS facility. Once material is loaded, CRS’ trucks remain sealed until material is unloaded at a CRS facility. All trucks in the CRS fleet are equipped with GPS for tracking.

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Processing – Upon arrival at one of our facilities, materials are unloaded, evaluated, tested and sorted for potential remarketing, recovery or recycling.

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ITAD Data Security – Both on-site and off-site ITAD data security services are backed up with data sanitization/destruction certificates and reports. CRS is compliant with federal laws and regulations that require the safe and secure handling and destruction of sensitive information and follows DoD and NIST 800-88 standards required for data security.

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Asset Remarketing and Reuse – We know that the best way to recycle is to reuse products whenever possible. This is performed through Bargain Computers and Electronics (Bargain), CRS’ dedicated remarketing division.

Bargain maximizes returns by salvaging both working and non-working units.  Working units go through a battery of tests and performance upgrades before being offered through Bargain’s established network of credible industry partners and retail channels. Non-working units go through the recovery process for parts, which are reused for repairs and upgrades.

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Asset Recycling
– We recycle material that is at its true end of life. CRS’ processing equipment is environmentally friendly and separates material into recoverable commodities that are put back into the market. 

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Asset Recovery – Obsolete electronics hold more value than many people realize. Working parts can be salvaged and reused in whole products. Commodities such as plastic and precious metals can be used to produce new products, reducing the need for raw materials mining and returning value to customers.

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