Nationwide Service Capabilities

IT Asset Recovery

Maximum Value Recovery

In addition to offering the best end of life solution in the electronics recycling industry, Creative Recycling Systems maintains a team of expert technicians that maximize the value recovered from the IT assets we procure. We believe that, whenever possible, recovery is the best environmental solution for electronic equipment that contains reusable components. The first step in our process is to test equipment to determine if it can be reused. If so, we make sure that any data containing components are sanitized and all information is removed. In this way, we can return profits to our customers while assuring them of the security of their proprietary information. They also receive certification that their equipment has been properly recycled and their data has been destroyed.

Creative provides numerous solutions and customized service programs depending on your needs and the age of the electronic equipment you wish to recover the value from.

Please email us for more information and we will find the best IT Asset Recovery solution for you.


Material Recovery

Reusable Electronics

Creative Recycling Systems has developed systems to recover the valuable resources in electronics and recycle them into new products. Electronics contain gold, silver, copper and other precious metals that are in finite supply, along with plastic, glass and other metals. We conserve our limited natural resources by using the latest technology to extract these materials from the end-of-life electronics that we process.

According to the US EPA, gold mining in the US produces more mercury pollution than any other activity. If you combine trash incineration, hazardous waste collection, and for that matter even mercury mining, you will not account for half the mercury emitted by gold mining and smelting. Additionally, globally gold mining is reaching the most pristine parts of the world due to the depletion of rich gold producing ore from existing mines. According to Earthworks, gold mining is one of the world’s most destructive industries. Producing a single gold ring generates on average 20 tons of mine waste. How many of us are really aware of this?

Our new technology can at full capacity process 150 million pounds per year of electronic equipment. At full tilt we will recover approximately 25,000 ounces of gold per year, and just this operation alone can save more than 500,000 tons of mine waste per year. That is just with regard to gold! We also recycle large volumes of silver, palladium, copper, aluminum, steel, plastic and glass.