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Laws require companies to safely and with absolute certainty ensure any sensitive and confidential information is not exposed to other groups or people.  Worryingly, 80% of e-waste companies that claim to recycle data-containing devices are actually stockpiling potentially harmful items--typically without full disclosure.  Entrusting just any recycler could lead to massive fines and violations--HIPAA violations, for example--and could cost a company millions of dollars per hard drive that goes missing. Beyond monetary fines, the damage to a company’s brand could ultimately lead to ruin. Data Security best practices need to be established to eliminate risk inside your environment and outside with the recycler you choose.

CRS is an industry titan with over 20 years of experience in data security. Our customers rely on us to not only protect the material we collect, but to provide transparency and full accountability from the time we take control of the material through final disposition. 

CRS’ data security services include both the Data Sanitization and Destruction methods, depending on the condition of the material and customer preferences. These practices are incorporated into our Remarketing, Recovery and Recycling models.

  • During both Remarketing and Recovery, CRS uses data sanitization. Hard drives can be swiped three (3) consecutive times using software in compliance with Department of Defense and NIST 800-88 standards.  Data sanitization works with a variety of material including laptops, desktops, small servers and mobile devices.  We are capable of erasing any drive type (SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, FC)
  • When Recycling, CRS physically destroys the material. Our processing machines--including the mobile shredder--make data reconstruction impossible and eliminate the risk of data breaches for our customers. Data destruction works on hard drives, ssd cards, magnetic tapes, cell phones, and many other data-containing devices


        CRS Data Security Standards Include

  • Accurate reporting of hard drives and client asset information erasure
  • Complimentary Certificates of Destruction or Sanitization*
  • Video surveillance available of the destruction upon request**
  • Trained and experienced team members sanitize and destroy data
  • Peace of mind and full compliance with Local, State and Federal data laws
  • Access to Mobile Shredder** that can travel to any location
  • Transparent processes show how we fully exceed data security requirements
  • e-Stewards® and R2/RIOS certifications
  • All materials and data are handled within the US

To learn more, contact our data security experts or call us at (800) 797-2061.

* Certificates of destruction/sanitization and customized reporting can be customized to meet customer needs
**Additional fees may be associated to Video or Mobile shredding