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IT Asset Recovery

End-of-life electronics hold more value than many people realize. Recovery, a word often used to describe this process, has two completely different meanings—parts and raw material. Parts Recovery involves salvaging functioning components from otherwise non-working electronics and using them to create a whole product, which can then be given a second life on the market. Raw Materials Recovery refers to plastics, glass, and precious metals that can be sold back to manufacturers for the production of new products, reducing the need for raw materials mining and returning value to customers.


Parts Recovery

CRS maintains a team of expert technicians that maximize the value recovered from the IT assets received. We believe that, whenever possible, recovery is the best environmental solution for end-of-life electronic equipment that contains reusable components.

The first step in our Recovery process is to test equipment to determine if parts are functioning and can be reused. If so, we make sure that any data-containing components are sanitized and all information is removed. By reusing parts and remarketing whole products, we can maximize the return on your IT assets and provide new value for old products.


Raw Materials Recovery

CRS utilizes advanced processing technology to recover valuable raw materials in electronics. Electronics contain gold, silver, copper and other precious metals that are in finite supply, along with plastics and glass. Our technology processes these materials down to commodity levels--which are then sold to manufacturers for the production of new products--reducing wasteful mining and creating value for our customers.


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