IT Data Security

Do You Know What Happens to Your Data When You Recycle

When recycling electronics, businesses, government offices, and home users must be aware of the potential dangers and vast amount of ruin a single email can cause.  Computers, mobile devices and other electronics have sensitive data stored on them from everyday use. What many don't realize is this information, as well as other personal data stored on electronics, can cause embarrassment and a ruined reputation--businesses could potentially experience financial ruin if private data is exposed.

Laws require companies with regulations to safely and with absolute certainty ensure any sensitive and confidential information is not exposed to other groups or people.  Worryingly, 80% of waste companies that claim to recycle are actually stockpiling potentially harmful items, typically without full disclosure.  Entrusting just any recycler could lead to massive fines and violations--HIPAA violations, for example, could cost a company millions of dollars per hard drive that goes missing.

Your Data Can Be Easily Recovered Unless You Overwrite

Deleting files and emptying the recycle bin doesn't actually erase information; it merely hides it from the operating system. All of the data is still on the machine unless it’s overwritten or physically destroyed.  

Here are two methods used to erase data:

1. Data Sanitization/Erasure - Software-based overwriting  permanently removes all traces of information, making data reconstruction impossible

2. Destruction  - Physical destruction of a hard drive

Creative Recycling Systems and Your Data

Creative Recycling Systems (CRS) uses both the Data Sanitization and Destruction methods when appropriate, depending on the condition of the material and customer preferences.

  • Reuse/Recovery - We use data sanitization when attempting to give products a second life and before they are ever put back into circulation.  Hard drives are swiped three (3) consecutive times using Tabernus software in compliance with DoD/NIST 800-88 standards.  Data sanitization works with a variety of material including laptops, desktops, small servers and mobile devices.  We are capable of erasing any drive type (SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, FC)
  • Recycling – Hard drives are physically destroyed.  Specialized machines are used to destroy the data, including a mobile destruction machine.  This gives our customers confidence that no data will be compromised at our facilities and at their own

CRS Standards Give You

  • Accurate reporting  of hard drives and client asset information erasure
  • Complimentary Certificates of Destruction*
  • Video surveillance available of the destruction upon request**
  • Trained and experienced team members  to sanitize and destroy data
  • A three (3) times approach to data sanitization (and overwriting) to ensure data is erased to Department of Defense (DoD) standards
  • Peace of mind and in full compliance with Local, State and Governments for Data Security procedure
  • Full Support and Customer Service - CRS support staff can remove the items from your machine or help you do it yourself
  • Access to Mobile shredder*** that can travel to any location - Our shredder can support up to 400 hard drives in a single 8-hour day**
  • Ability to destroy optical media, hard drives, floppy disks, magnetic tape and other IT media
  • Documents the data security process to show how we fully exceed data security requirements
  • Maintain e-Stewards® and R2/RIOS standards for data security
  • Never send your material or the data on it outside the US or anywhere else
  • Trust and assurance that your device and any data contained on it is secure

* Certificates of destruction and customized reporting can be offered to suit the needs of the individual customer
**Additional fees may be associated to Video or Mobile shredding
*** Mobile shredder can maintain complete shredding of 40-50 hard drives per hour, with proper power

Your Partner for Safe Electronics Recycling and Data Security

CRS’ 19+ years in business mean we’re an industry veteran that our customers can trust.   We have established and implemented Data Security best practices to guarantee that all data retained in memory devices from electronic equipment is protected from theft or loss and shall not be released to unauthorized parties. This is done through a true closed-loop process with end-to-end logistics services and a full chain-of-custody for collected materials from the moment CRS takes control of the equipment through final data destruction.

While there are thousands of electronics recycling vendors, few are voluntarily certified.  These certifications mean CRS regularly tests all hard drives, above and beyond industry expectations, to ensure all data is removed.

Learn more about CRS certifications

To learn more, contact our data security experts by email at or by phone (855) 542-9253.