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CRS Remarkets, Recovers, or Recycles every piece of material it receives, from the largest industrial printer to the smallest smartphone. The best way to recycle is to give products a second life and CRS does this in three different processes – all three reduce the need for mining and keep electronics out of landfills. Whether Remarketing, Recovering or Recycling, you are acting environmentally responsible and creating a cleaner planet for current and future generations.


Remarketing and Recovery and Recovery services are performed by Bargain Computers and Electronics (Bargain)--part of the CRS family of companies.

All units are evaluated and determination is made if the electronic can be put back in the market. Each unit goes through a battery of tests and performance upgrades before being offered through an established network of credible industry partners. If products cannot be remarketed as-is, the next viable option is recovery.  In Recovery, we combine components (motherboards, batteries, etc) from the best machines to make whole products, maximizing returns for customers.

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When it is determined electronics are at their true end-of-life (no longer working, broken, etc.), CRS completely disassembles each unit at one of our processing facilities.  Our processing technology harvests the plastics, glass and metals from these units, producing commodity level material which is then transferred to downstream partners–ensuring that no computer ends up in a landfill.

As the end processor--not a broker--CRS ensures proper disposal of IT equipment through our transparent processes, keeping customers compliant with all applicable laws.