Nationwide Service Capabilities

What can be recycled

Computers – CPU’s and laptops, mainframes, peripherals

Monitors – CRT’s and flat screens

Telephones, Cell phones and Telephone systems

Fax Machines and Central Office Equipment

Printers and Copiers


Banking and Financial Equipment

Medical Equipment

Rechargeable batteries

Electronic Circuit boards and components

Stereo Equipment, Games, PDA’s

Telecommunication Equipment: limited to hand held or desktop telecommunication equipment such as phones, fax machines, etc

Other Equipment: cables, connectors, jacks, splitter & cluster boxes, buffers, converters, bar code readers, optical drives, tape drives, hard/floppy drives, repeater, transceiver, power backup, surge protectors, voltage regulators, modems, calculators, computer racks, projectors, VCR players, DVD player and cameras.

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